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Leather Retreat-Registrations available

I am cross-posting this far and wide, please feel free to do so as well.

Due to an unexpected death in the family, a good friend of mine is unable to
attend Leather Retreat, which is being held this coming weekend.  She has
two tickets for Friday through Monday (though you could add additional days
if you wanted to).  These tickets were purchased at the early registration
rate of $375 each ($750 for both).  These tickets currently cost $450 each.

It is too late for her to get a refund.  If you were waiting until the last
minute, and would like to save some significant dough on tickets, here is
your chance!  These tickets can be transferred to you at the early
registration price that was paid for them.

Leather Retreat is the vacation of a lifetime, it is a fabulous event! 
For more information on the event, go to

If you are interested in the tickets, please email rivermystique@gmail.com.
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