Guardian (guardian01) wrote in leatherretreat,

new one here

I just signed up for leather retreat searching for something to do with my year.

Never been to this event, but a dear friend tells me its one of the best leather events she goes to. So here I am and I am looking for more of what is going on so I can have some idea what I am getting into.

I know theres a pool and I am planing on putting it to great use for sure.
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It really is one of the best events! The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming, and there's TONS of stuff to do. :) Last year was our first year, and we plan to go every year, even if we have to sell off a kid. I'm kye over there, nice to meetcha.

Deleted comment

well coolies, my hopes are back up then. Looking for some real good kinky fun.

I looked at the web site but could find any listings of some of the classes, was I looking in the wrong place or have they not put up the list yet?

And it sounds like my voyueristic nature will be satisfied if everyone truely is running around naked, goodie goodie.

Thanks for the info kye and princess I will see you at camp, my name is Reverend Guardian.

hummm, now I need to hunt down some willing subby girl to flog and wax. Well is my hunnting candles?

Deleted comment

Ohy now you have to go, cause you already introduced yourself and you have to show me around the camp.

Hum, should I bring my stuff bear, I may need something to snuggle with at night?

Deleted comment

Hey there. The class schedule usually doesn't go up on the site til about a month out. It's not completed yet:)

I'm sure you'll have a great time. Camp is super fun.

BTW, I'm Karri. I manage registration and am Greg's fiancee.
Only 2 more months till camp!

Its become the highlight of the year for me...I'll be going for the 5th time this year! Its the best time ever, I hate leaving every year, and start counting down the days almost at once.

I haven't registered yet, but as soon as my income tax refund arrives you'll see me on there as River.
great, already makeing friends even before we get there. I will be looking for your name on the list River.

Humm makes me think of this great TV show turned movie.
you'll LOVE it :-) If you're floating around on AIM at all check out the chat room lr2006 - a few of us hold down the fort most nights :-)

Camp is unique - i heard that for years before i managed to get to one - it's sweet and sexy and raunchy and warming and more words then i can think of that still can't describe it well *weg* i also added you to my f-list here if that's ok :-)
I am afriad I am not on aim, but I am on yahoo as wschaecher and paltalk as Guardian_05.

And sure you can add me to you f-list, humm which list is that I am guessing friends.

I could use a good stay at a unique camp filled with sweet, sexy, raunchy, and warm people. I need a good vacation.

Rev. Guardian

"Flip flip hippity hop,
off your rocker and over the top,
lifes a fiction and the worlds a lie,
so put on some creedence and lets get high."
From the great sage and eminient junkie Henry Dean