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Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat Registration OPEN!

(Please cross post to interested groups)
Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat
June 25-30, 2008</b>
Northern Maryland

Odyssey Events is pleased to announce that Leather Retreat, which for the
last ten years has been produced by Community Ties is joining the Odyssey
Events family. The first Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat will be June 25-30,
2008 in Northern Maryland. "The response to Dark Odyssey has been
overwhelming and the community it has created is unlike any other in the
country. It just makes sense to bring all three events - Leather Retreat,
Summer Camp, and Winter Fire - under one roof," says Greg, one of the
co-producers. Co-producer Karri adds, "Each of these events has its own
focus and flavor, so that between them, there is something for everyone."

The biggest change will be the addition of Dark Odyssey's unique programming
and special events to Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat. "Many attendees have
asked us for some of their favorite Dark Odyssey elements, like Sex-O-Rama,
to be a part of Leather Retreat. Not only are we happy to oblige, we plan to
bring even more sex to Leather Retreat - if that's possible!" says Tristan.

Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat will continue Leather Retreat's tradition as
the best kink and sex camp event on the East Coast. "Whereas the focus of
Summer Camp is definitely on education, the focus of Leather Retreat has
always been on play, and that won't change," says Lori. "We want to create
a sex-positive environment with top-notch play spaces, creative amenities,
and inspiring events so that people can have a truly immersive experience.
Our goal is to build a magical place where people can live out their wildest
fantasies and dreams," remarked Colten.

Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat released its list of confirmed presenters last
month, which includes Lolita Wolf, Rita Seagrave, Sarah Sloane, Jim &
Jerith, Suzanne SxySadist, Lochai & Janice, and Carrie and Luna, 2008
International Pony and Trainer; the producers plan to announce several
additions to the line up shortly. In addition to favorite events like the
Pamporium, Kidnappings, and the State Fair, Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat
will unveil several new special events as well.

Online registration for Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat is now open at
http://darkodyssey.com. For more information please write
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